My brother Matt wants to become a personal trainer

From the earliest time that I can remember, my big brother Matt has dreamed about one day becoming a personal trainer.

Even back when we were kids, he always thought about starting a career in personal training.

When other kids his age were at the baseball field or the movies, Matt would be at the gym or the yoga studio. He liked to go in the gym and yoga studio so that he could talk to the personal trainers about their physical training programs. He always had a major interest in nutritional counseling and in wellness and recovery programs. I’m not sure where all of this interest in personal training came from, but he has never once wavered on his commitment to open up his own health and fitness center. Now he’s talking about opening a health and fitness center that combines a crossfit gym and a yoga studio. He wants to offer nutritional programs and nutritional counseling, too. I know that he’s enjoying going to all of his personal training classes for school, and I have great faith in the fact that one day he’s going to own his own health and fitness center. I know that Matt is going to make a great personal trainer someday. Maybe I’ll even let him talk me into signing up for some personal training sessions, too. Even though I’m not sure that would be a good idea. Who knows if I’m going to want to listen to anything my brother tells me to do, even if he is a certified personal trainer!
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