My buddy did what the HVAC technician refused to do

I was severely disappointed when my HVAC technician was telling me that my HVAC system was dead and it couldn’t be repaired.

Sure, I had this HVAC system for about 15 years, but I felt like it at least had 3 more years or so left in it! My energy bills weren’t even that terrible and I always thought it worked great until it died on me recently.

No matter what I said, the HVAC technician refused to even fix it. This is when I got a hold of a good buddy of mine who happens to be a skilled auto mechanic. He also works on HVAC systems every so often and he said he would have a look at my HVAC machine. He said he was surprised that the HVAC technician flat out refused to work on the system. He thought perhaps he felt the fix wouldn’t last that long with such an old HVAC system. He ended up telling me that we could get the parts we needed to fix it up. We ordered all the original manufacturer parts and my buddy provided a proper tune-up and changed all the old parts with the new. He cleaned everything up inside the inner workings of the equipment and we made sure the outdoor condenser unit was good to go as well. We actually changed the motor for the fan in the A/C condenser unit too and he said that it would run so much smoother now. When we were done with everything, we fired up the HVAC system and it worked surprisingly well!

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