My childhood home was outfitted with an ancient furnace

Living in a northeastern area, I was exposed to the wide variety of seasons.

As a child this offered me a lot of fun.

I especially enjoyed the Winter months. During the winter, I used to play in the snow, go skiing and ride my snowmobile. We had a gas furnace that was rather old. I used to wrap in a fluffy blanket to keep warm. Living in this part of the country, the weather presented challenges just about all year round. There were times we couldn’t leave the house. We couldn’t get the car out of the driveway when there was a ton of snow on the ground. Dealing with the sub zero air streaming through uninsulated windows and doors was unpleasant. I remember ice crystals forming on the panes of the windows. It was a struggle to keep our home comfortable during the coldest nights of the year. The furnace ran just about non stop. It struggled to keep up with demands. There were cold spots and drafts in the house. It was incredibly difficult to get our apartment heated up to a comfortable level. Despite having the furnace serviced annually by a professional HVAC contractor, it simply was too old to do the job. Our ancient gas furnace didn’t provide enough heated air to handle the needs of an older, drafty home! My mom and dad had the furnace repaired on many occasions throughout my childhood. They were eventually told that the furnace was not worth fixing. They were forced to have it replaced. Otherwise, we would continue to have problems and spend more money on repairs. Investing in a new Heating system was expensive. Fortunately, my parents were able to take out a low interest home improvement loan. The energy savings provided by the new furnace helped to recover the cost.


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