My circus tent

When I was younger, my parents were reptile breeders; Specifically, Bearded Dragon breeders! As a talent show was coming up, I took full luck of this, plus came up with the brilliant method to teach the Bearded Dragons tricks, however bearded Dragons are supposed to be an incredibly smart lizard species, so I could legitimately teach them basic tricks, however i took 6 unusual dragons plus started teaching them all honestly cool tricks.

I even built my own little obstacle course for them to run through.

It was pretty difficult getting them all to cooperate, however eventually I succeeded plus I managed to teach them to all go through the obstacle course. At the absolutely end, all of the beardies would stack on top of eachother plus make themselves look like an actual dragon. When the day came for to get on stage for the talent show, I presented the immense reptiles plus let them do their tricks. As I stood back proudly, I realized I created my own little lizard circus, but everyone was astonished plus watched with amazement! My act with bearded dragons was well received plus suddenly the beardies became popular with the people, unblessedly, the beardies could never stay out too long! The talent show constantly had a/c blasting, to help cool the audience. Unblessedly, since reptiles are chilly blooded, this chilly air was honestly bad for them. So people were only able to pet them for a few hours before they had to be put back in their containers. To help make up for the constant a/c system, I had a heat lamp for each dragon. The lamp served as a oil furnace to each beardie. I started letting people pet the dragons while they were next to their oil furnace system, so the dragons could stay out longer.


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