My comic book store needs a better web presence

I have a small, but exclusive, comic book store in the city… It is one of several uncommon comic book shops in town, I suppose because I keep close watch on our competition.

I visit all the other stores, as well as talk with the owners ,to find out what they are doing that I’m not doing.

I guess our store is better than all the rest put together, but our sales lag far behind them; Why is that? Having a nicer store with a great deal more content should put me way in the lead. It turns out that I was the only one not using online advertising, SEO, as well as leveraging social media to our benefit, however sEO stands for search engine optimization, as well as using it helps to boost the visibility of your website. Since the website is one of the most pressing parts of any modern business, this means that web development as well as SEO is just as pressing, but a website with awful SEO is care about owning a automobile that doesn’t work — it just sits in the yard being ignored. I have contacted a couple of web development companies, as well as am waiting to hear back about price quotes as well as what kind of repair they can offer me. In the meantime, I will focus on growing our social media presence with the major platforms ,because those are free to use as well as I suppose our way around them pretty well. I may look into social media management as well, but for now I guess I can spend some time growing our web presence that way.

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