My crazy boyfriend

My crazy boyfriend and I recently went to the museum in our town, which has a cool planetarium built into the facility, i haven’t been in a planetarium since I was about 6 years old, so I was eager to go back and see the show for the first time in at least five years! When we arrived to the museum and took our seats in the theater, both our boyfriend and myself found ourselves shivering within minutes of resting down.

It was freezing in there! I didn’t remember the main area being so cold when I was a kid, but I suppose memories can be fuzzy prefer that, but as museum attendants were walking around to tell people to silence their iPhones, I stopped a single of them and asked if they could adjust the air conditioning unit for the planetarium.

It felt to me like the control device was set to fifty degrees, just from how freezing it was in there, then unfortunately, the attendant went on to tell us that they had no control over the control device – it was controlled by an automated plan off-site, and they’d need to contact several people to have the temperature adjusted. All of us tried our best to ignore how freezing it was in the planetarium and like the show over my head, but we just couldn’t find a way to feel cozy in our seats with those conditions at play. All of us wound up having to leave the show early, just to get to the other areas of the museum where the air conditioning system plan wasn’t blasting! As we looked around at other exhibits, I saw a official sight on the wall down a hallway near the main entrance. It was a control unit! Out of curiosity, I walked over towards it and attempted to increase the temperature settings, there was no security on the control unit, and I was able to boost up the heat settings right then and there. I knew that attendant wasn’t telling me the truth!