My dad could fix anything

When I was growing up, we never called a repairman once for anything.

That’s because my dad was a guy who could fix literally anything.

It was really great always having him around because he would always fix anything that ever tore up or got broken around the house. As I got older, he was able to fix my bike, my first car, and even my jewelry whenever I would have a necklace break or something like that. In other words, I got really used to having things fixed without having to pay for them. In other words, I was really spoiled by my dad when I was younger. Now, though, I am married to a man who doesn’t know how to fix a thing. He is a really great guy, and I love him like crazy, but he just doesn’t know how to fix things. For example, last week, our thermostat stopped working and my poor husband didn’t have a clue what to do about it. Unfortunately for me, that was the same time that the weather started cooling off outside and it got really cold in the house. My husband couldn’t do a thing to fix it, but at least he makes enough money to pay for people like an HVAC repairman to come to our house to fix things for us whenever they tear up. I always used to get annoyed at the fact that my husband couldn’t fix our heating and cooling system, but at least he’s affluent enough to pay someone else to do it for us!


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