My dad is coming to visit, so I need another air conditioner

My dad is coming to visit, so I need another air conditioner.

I am so glad that my dad is coming to visit me this coming weekend, but I feel bad that the guest room that he is supposed to stay in doesn’t have air conditioning. It gets super warm in there too which means I simply have to get another air conditioner for the guest bedroom. I have one air conditioner in my living room window, and it keeps pretty much all of the downstairs cool except for the guest bedroom. I have another air conditioner upstairs in my bedroom, and it keeps my room nice and cool. I was going to just take the air conditioner out of my bedroom and put it in the guest bedroom for my dad, but I knew that I would not get a good night’s sleep without air conditioning, so I decided to just go ahead and buy another air conditioner. It is important to me that I get a good night’s sleep because I want to have all of the energy possible to spend time with my dad. We plan to do quite a bit in just two days time, so we both will need a good night’s sleep. Hopefully, I can get another air conditioner soon. I know that some things have been out of stock lately, so I hope that air conditioners are not one of those things. I plan to go to the store tomorrow morning to see if I can find an air conditioner for my guest bedroom.