My dad really needs to have his air conditioning vents replaced

My dad is one of those guys who always says that if something isn’t broken, then you don’t need to fix it.

I agree with him to a certain point, but when it comes to my dad’s house, I think he could make an exception or two.

It took him twenty years to decide to paint the inside of the house, since he said that his old paint was still covering the walls just fine. When he finally decided to replace his ancient heating and cooling system, it was only because the whole thing stopped working and caught on fire in the furnace room of his house. He waited until he absolutely had to replace the entire thing before he finally did it. And now, with his new HVAC system and new paint, I keep telling him that he should really go ahead and replace the air conditioning and heating vents in the house. The A/C vents and heating registers in his house are so old and beat up that they make the whole place look rundown and unlived in. I told my dad this and he just said that the A/C and the heating runs through those air vents just fine and so it doesn’t matter to him what they look like. No matter what I say about it, he refuses to spend any money to get new air conditioning and heating vents. Sometimes I just don’t understand my dad and his unwillingness to make his house look nice or spend any money unless he really has to.
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