My dog likes to lay on top of the air vent downstairs

My house has air vents in the floor and the ceiling.

The architecture is a little strange, but it helps heat and cool the house effectively. The air vents on the main level of the house are on the floor and then some were added to the ceiling about ten years ago, before we bought the house. My dog likes to lay on top of the air vent downstairs. When the air conditioner is running and cool air is coming out of the vent, my dog will always find a place to lay right on top of them. I have tried to make her move a number of times, but she is conditioned to get up and move every time that air conditioner runs. It’s really funny after a while, because she moves right to the air vent when the AC comes on. My parents were over last weekend for dinner. My dad was really surprised when I told him about the dog. After dinner, we went into the living room to have a drink. That’s when my parents got to see the dog perform his truck. The air conditioner started running and the dog came out of the middle of nowhere. He suddenly plopped down right on top of the air vent. My mom and dad started laughing out loud and we all talked about animal behavior. My mom has a bird that always sings the national anthem whenever they hear anything that is baseball related. I imagine that is kind of the same thing. Both animals have learned odd and strange behaviors.

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