My dog’s hives cleared up after we put an air purifier in his room

I have two dogs that are both golden retrievers from the same litter, but you couldn’t make them more different from one another if you tried. Buster is docile and loves to sleep for hours everyday, but his brother Skip is full of energy and is constantly trying to get Buster to play. They run around the house and the fenced-in yard in the back. When they were first puppies, it was amazing watching them grow into these massive beasts! It’s entertaining watching happy puppies wrestle on the living room floor, although they start to knock things over when they get bigger. I feel like they have broken more glass in my house than my kids have growing up. Even though they both like to wrestle, one of them is a lot calmer than the other. The hyper one is also the last to get to sleep most nights. However, we recently learned at a vet visit that part of his behavior is due to allergies and the hives he had as a symptom. I assumed that he simply needed medicated ointment or something like that. The veterinarian recommended that we get an air purifier to put near our dog’s crate where he sleeps at night. The vet was convinced that the dog had a severe dust allergy and that cleaning the indoor air near his cage would make the biggest difference. To my utter amazement, my vet was correct. One we started running the air purifier for a few days at a time, we noticed that his bumps were slowly going away and he was calming down as well. I feel bad that he was suffering for so long from poor indoor air!

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