My Ex Boyfriend Had No Sense of Heat as well as Air Efficiency

I dated this girl for more than 2 weeks, before I called it quits.

I guess love I tolerated a lot, love him leaving the toilet seat up, leaving the dirty dishes in the sink, as well as leaving her wet clothes in the dryer. However, there’s 1 thing I couldn’t tolerate, which led to our breakup. She was reckless when it came to the heat as well as air equipment. I didn’t expect him to suppose everything about heating as well as air, although I did expect him to have a general understanding of what was appropriate when running the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system. She would turn on our oil furnace as well as set the control unit to 75 degrees, which is rather high to begin with. Then, he’d leave her bedroom window open or she hadforget to close the front door! Our oil furnace would run for hours at max capacity, trying to heat an condo that was constantly getting cool air from an open door as well as window. During the summer, he’d set the temperature of the air honestly low as well as do the same thing. This was just plain irresponsible! I wish I could say that she only did it once, however she did it all the time. It didn’t matter how often I told him that our oil furnace couldn’t be set so high, as well as our AC couldn’t be set so low, only to have the heat as well as air escape through the open window as well as door. Our utility bills were enormous, which is why I had to end things. I just can’t be with someone who has no sense of efficiency.
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