My family hobbies

There is good camping and bad camping.

Most people will get their tent, sleeping bags, cook stove, as well as non perishables. They will pack everything up as well as head out into the great wilderness. Some people may pack a truck, or just the back of their car. Others may make camping a birdwatching trip. They walk deep into the woods as well as find a stream or lake to settle next to, so they can drink fresh mountain water. They boast about what an amazing time they have had. Everyone is fawning over their ruddy complexions while looking at the mosquito bites as well as sunburned lips. They look all beat to heck as well as aroma of nothing but campfire smoke and body odor. I don’t see any art in this kind of camping. The art of camping is finding the world’s best hotel room. I love to be able to see the lake or the ocean, from our hotel room. I check to make sure there is a great place to dine within walking distance. I also check the HVAC idea by setting the thermostat to our most preferred temperature. If the heating or air conditioner engages on cue, as well as it turns off when our temperature is reached, I am smiling from ear to ear. I am even happier if there is less than a multiple degree thermostat fluctuation before the thermostat turns the HVAC idea back on. I aroma fresh as well as clean as well as I never smell like dirt. When I get home, I am relaxed as well as well rested as well as I don’t have to clean up the mess or put about a thousand things away, other than whatever I wore This is good camping.


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