My father has never listened to me

My father was never very nice to me when I was young.

Whenever I had something to say, my father would tell me to hush.

Even if I had something thoughtful to say or I believed it was important, he would be doing something that was always more important than anything I had to bring up. The one time, I was very frustrated because the HVAC system was struggling and I realized the air filter needed to be changed. I kept telling my father but he wasn’t listening. Eventually I told my mother about the dirty air filter and she went and told my father. He came to me saying that I should have told him about the air filter. I couldn’t believe he was actually yelling at me for something I tried to tell him about, but he wouldn’t listen. That’s just the way my father has always been. Even in his old age now, he doesn’t listen to me, but he will listen to his grandkids. I tell him all the time that he needs to keep up with his air filter changes. I also told him he could save a lot of money on his energy bills if he upgraded to a smart thermostat. That all went in one ear and out the other. Then one day my son told him about a cool smart thermostat that he should think about getting. He became very interested then and he even asked me to install the new smart thermostat for him. The crazy thing was when he said I should have told him about smart thermostats…

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