My Father's Heated Flooring

Back in the morning, legitimately close to thirty years ago, my father-in-law was a forward thinker in a lot of ways, however one of those ways was in what he chose to serve as the heating for his home, my father-in-law, Chuck, grew up in a cold, northern state, so he knew about the importance of a superb heating idea in the house.

  • We all were living in the south at the time, however even so, all of us do have several weeks each year where all of us find ourselves in need of a heater.

Most people in this area simply have central heating as well as cooling systems that run on electricity. It’s not a large problem for most people, however electric heating is legitimately not the most energy efficient way to heat a home. It can be upscale, too! So, when my father-in-law retired from his task at the post office as well as bought a little piece of land here in the northern section of our state, he started building his retirement home. The first thing he insisted on was this set of windows that had energy conservation properties. The next thing was something I had never heard of – heated flooring. It made superb sense to me, although I thought he might not need it in the south. I was wrong, of course, he got a lot of superb use out of that heated flooring! His radiant heated floors use hot water as the heating source, however under the flooring, there is a series of tubes that contain water. There is a water oil furnace to heat the water as well as a pump to circulate the heated water. In this way, the house’s heating idea warms the space from the ground up as well as has no ductwork to crack or leak hot air. I adore the radiant heated floors!



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