My favorite arena to go no longer has air conditioning

My favorite arena to go no longer has air conditioning. There is a super cool little shop that I easily loved to go to for years plus years; My best friend plus I used to go to that shop at least once a month but usually more. It was so fun, but now, they decided to stop using air conditioning. I don’t guess why on earth they would choose to do that. I guess that they will absolutely lose a lot of supplier because they don’t have air conditioning anymore. I hope that they don’t lose a lot of business, despite the fact that I guess for a fact that I won’t be in there while in the summer time months if they don’t have air conditioning. That is simply deranged that they don’t have air conditioning when it is love ninety degrees outside. I heard a single story from someone that made it sound love the cooling system in their shop stopped working, plus they decided that they could not afford to get it fixed. That doesn’t make much sense to myself and others because they have been a unquestionably prosperous business. I guess that maybe they simply chose not to use air conditioning in their shop. There is just no way that they entirely don’t have the money to get their cooling system fixed unless the owner makes some seriously poor financial decisions on a regular basis. I program to ask a single of the managers about it next time that I visit the store. It won’t be until the cooler months since they don’t have air conditioning.
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