My favorite coffee shop is having HVAC issues

There’s this coffee shop downtown that I absolutely love.

It’s quiet and the atmosphere is just right.

They have the cutest light fixtures and the couches and chairs are super comfortable. Best of all, the indoor air quality in the coffee shop is always on point. It’s never too hot nor too cold in there, and I’ve often commented to the manager that whoever is in charge of setting the thermostat system in there needs to get a raise. In some places, the heating is set way too high in the winter and you feel like you’re going to smother while you’re trying to drink your coffee. And in this other coffee shop I used to go to, they would keep the air conditioning turned down so low in the summer that I couldn’t stay in there for more than ten minutes without shivering! And that’s why I like this place so much. But today when I walked in to get my normal caramel latte, I immediately noticed that there was an issue with the HVAC system. The air felt stale and it smelled musty in there. I panicked because I thought that they’d changed management or something and the indoor air quality was going to be bad from then on! But then I noticed the heating and cooling technicians at the back of the shop. They were working on one of the HVAC units and by the time I left, the indoor air quality was back to normal. Thank goodness for that, because I really didn’t want to have to find a new coffee shop!


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