My fiance typically has cold feet

My fiance Helen typically has actually cold feet! She drives myself and others deranged occasionally because of this as well as it actually gets on my nerves whenever she puts her feet on myself and others at night when I’m already all snuggled up in bed, and then she comes in after she locks up as well as starts laundry as well as puts on her moisturizer or whatever it is that she does till all hours of the night… It doesn’t matter whether it’s the summer time or the winter, though, Helen constantly has cold cold feet as well as I can’t sit it.

She makes myself and others deranged to the point where I’m starting to wonder if she doesn’t have some kind of a circulatory concern or something.

She gets mad at myself and others whenever I get mad at her because of it, but it is what it is. I sincerely think that it might even be worse while we were in the summertime than it is in the Winter because the a/c from our central air conditioning system component comes out of the same air vents that the heating does. So when she’s out there in the home office doing stuff, she ends up resting right by the air conditioning system vents as well as her feet get colder as well as colder. Then by the time she gets into bed with me, she says that my legs think as hot as a gas furnace as well as she sticks her feet all over me. It typically scares myself and others to death as well as makes myself and others jump. It also makes myself and others super mad! I have actually been thinking about having radiant heated flooring installed in our home because of this issue. There just has to be something that we can do to end this concern that my fiance is having. I do not want to deal with it anymore, as well as maybe radiant heated flooring will actually work for us.

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