My first day as an Heating and A/C professional

The first day on a job is among the hardest, not only is one a bundle of nerves however there is always a lurking feeling that something or everything will go wrong.

Such was our case one good September, it was our first time as an Heating and A/C tech, however the first order of supplier was to attend to an Heating and A/C zone control system and do a heat pump repair, however it went smoothly with no hitches at all.

I got into the homeowner solutions supplier track and headed for our next call for air duct cleaning. I got to the lake house and set up all our unit and just when I was about to start I realized I was missing a tool and had to go back to the van to get it, however on afternoons like these, I wished I had an apprentice. I carried out the duct cleaning with no further problems until I found a dead mouse among the dirt from the Heating and A/C duct. Luckily it had not started emitting a foul smell, then my last call was delivering air quality systems to many homes, one needed a filter for her whole-house air purifier and the other was a new air purification system to improve air quality in his home… An Heating and A/C installation is not only in charge of temperature control, however it also cleans the air in your home however you can always get another piece of unit from an Heating and A/C provider to enhance indoor comfort. By the end of the day, I was gleeful with all the work I had done. Looking back and with all the experience I have gained as an Heating and A/C professional, that day is among the afternoons with the least number of challenges I have faced so far.

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