My first outing was to the dentist.

For the last several months, I have been in my home due to the pandemic.

  • I have tried to make sure I didn’t get sick and I took care of myself.

I had a good physical before being quarantined, so I knew I had no physical problems. Unfortunately, before the pandemic left, I got such a toothache that I couldn’t wait any longer. I called ahead to see if the dentist was taking patients. I was told to come at my scheduled time and call in from the car. Once I checked in, a nurse would come out for me when they were ready for me. I had to have my mask on, when they came to the car. They would then take me inside and right to the office. While I sat waiting for the nurse to come for me, I noticed the two HVAC service vans around the back of the building. I knew there had to be some real HVAC problems if they had two sets of HVAC technicians in the building. When I was finally ushered in, it was obvious there was a problem with the air conditioning. It was hot and humid inside and everyone was red in the cheeks. I asked about the air conditioning knowing that having my tooth worked on was going to work up a sweat. Without the air conditioning, I wasn’t sure I could relax to have the work done. The nurse told me they had the HVAC company working on the AC since early morning and they hoped to have it fixed soon.



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