My friend has the best heating and AC system

I’ve always been great friends with my friends since high school.

We have a lot in common and we generally enjoy hanging out with each other a lot, although I would never tell her that one of the main reasons I like to hang out at her place apart from just enjoying her presence in general, it’s because of how great her heating and AC system is.

She has a geothermal heat pump installed in her home and she has told me when I have asked her about how much money it saved her by relying on her heating system underground. Is very different from a traditional central heating and AC system. She went into all the technical stuff about it and how it works, although I have to admit I have never been great when it comes to technology and so it kind of went over my head. I told her I would love to eventually get one myself because my home has terrible indoor air quality and while my central heating and AC system works all right, I would love to get something that performs better. She gave me the advice I needed to have my indoor air quality problem taken care of, she told me one of the things that she does to ensure that she has good indoor air quality is to have a UV light filter installed on the HVAC system. She wanted the detail about how the UV light kills any kind of germs that might be there on contact. She showed me the website and the HVAC company she bought it from and everything and they had really good reviews. I decided that I would give them a try and also purchase a UV light filter.

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