My friend is a good guy

Last weekend, my parents asked me if I wanted to go camping with them.

At first I was hesitant, because I don’t consider camping a fun activity.

However, my parents insisted that it would be a fun time together. I agreed to go, however I’d need to borrow some camping gear. My parents said that they had a spare tent plus sleeping bag laying around that I could use for the weekend. When we arrived at the campground, I was surprised at how nice everything was. There was a giant river that we all enjoyed tubing down while the sun was shining. However, during the first night, it was absolutely cold! I truly didn’t think I would survive through that first night because I was frozen solid. I told my parents about my horrible first night in the cold, plus they said they had a portable heating system inside their tent if I wanted to squeeze in. I couldn’t believe that they had a small heating system inside their tent, plus quickly took them up on their offer. I was so warm and snug from the heat pumping out of the portable furnace. Now I know that if I ever decide to go camping again, I can invest in my own small portable heating system. This way I can stay nice plus cozy all night long. I may even get a portable cooling system just incase I ever want to go camping with my parents again during the summertime while it’s hot outside. I suppose I have discovered a new adoration for camping!