My friend needs some help

A couple of weeks ago when I was over at my friend’s house, I had to laugh at what he was saying. I constantly think back to saying something about the air quality and he was saying that he typically had his air filters changed and his ductwork cleaned. I started laughing because it was clearly some fake news. How could he try to lie to my face like that when I was there and could tell that the air quality was very low quality. His face went red after I told him both of us should have a look at his air filter. He knew that I would die from laughter after seeing how clogged up the air filter actually had been. I had to get drastic about it though because it was a big problem. I told my neighbor that he couldn’t just have better air quality by saying he was doing all the proper things, he certainly had to do those things he was saying; So both of us made the choice to go together to get some high quality air filters; The two of us swapped out the old air filter and boy was it clogged up to the extreme. It was certainly worse than I imagined it would be. He was embarrassed the whole time, however in the end, he thanked myself and others for helping him out with those things. Later on now he could be happy about swapping out the air filters, but I said he still had to tackle that ductwork. He didn’t seem to want to spend my cash on some professionals to take care of it, so I said that perhaps both of us could handle it ourselves. He shrugged his shoulders and I looked online. I found some DIY videos on how to clean your own ductwork. The two of us got a shop vac and got to work. The ductwork cleaning wasn’t perfect, however the air quality was significantly better.

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