My friend, the HVAC professional

I used to be kind of ignorant when it comes to HVAC systems.

I didn’t know anything about them except that you are supposed to change the air filter regularly.

I didn’t know how important it was to clean the HVAC system regularly or anything like that. I learned from an HVAC professional I started hiring to do the services at my house. He wasn’t just an HVAC professional, he was also a plumber and he did other work around residences. He even helped me find a lawn service to maintain my lawn. This guy actually showed me how easy some of the HVAC maintenance was. He taught me how to clean out the A/C condenser unit and said I would save a lot of money by doing this work on my own. He also showed me how to clean the inner workings of the indoor HVAC equipment. He stressed how important it was to shut off the power to the unit before opening it to work on it. That was easy enough because there was a cut off switch right now to the HVAC unit. This guy and I actually became pretty good friends and he would come out to my place to hang out often. He always noticed if there was an issue with the air quality or the humidity levels in my home. I ended up getting a humidifier/dehumidifier to provide the perfect humidity levels in my home. Honestly, my air quality has been better than ever since I met my friend, the HVAC professional.
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