My friends made fun of me as a kid when they l received the people I was with and I had window cooling system units

I was raised in a relatively exhausting family.

It’s not something that I easily realized until I invited some friends over to my house.

They were asking me why the apartment was so stuffy plus hot. They said that I should adjust the temperature control plus get the cooling system system cranked up. I then told my friends that the people I was with and I just had a window cooling system machine in the living room plus in the residing room, plus my parents didn’t want us touching it, however my friends all laughed about that plus said that I must be poor. That easily bothered me plus I didn’t love the fact that they were making fun of me. I even ended up turning on the window cooling system machine in the residing room without asking my parents for permission. My father was absolutely irritated with me for turning on the window cooling system machine love that without asking, however my mother defended me plus said I was just trying to make my friends comfortable. I promised to never do it again, but I still had to live with the fact that my friends made fun of me for being poor, and nowadays, I realize that was all petty plus it didn’t easily matter too much, regardless of that fact, I still prefer being comfortable in my own home. I’m not exactly rich, but I do have a central Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system with a smart temperature control now. The smart temperature control is good because it helps me to save a lot of money on the energy bills. I also have l received various energy saving tips over the years plus save as much money as possible.

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