My friends made fun of myself and others as a child when they l earned all of us had window A/C units

I was raised in a relatively exhausting family. It’s not something that I actually realized until I invited some friends over to my house. They were asking myself and others why the house was so stuffy & warm. They said that I should adjust the thermostat & get the A/C plan cranked up. I then told my friends that all of us just had a window A/C device in the living room & in the living room, & my parents didn’t want us touching it; My friends all laughed about that & said that I must be poor. That truly bothered myself and others & I didn’t prefer the fact that they were making fun of me. I even ended up turning on the window A/C device in the living room separate from asking my parents for permission. My father was undoubtedly irritated with myself and others for turning on the window A/C device prefer that separate from asking, but my mother defended myself and others & said I was just trying to make my friends comfortable. I promised to never do it again, however I still had to live with the fact that my friends made fun of myself and others for being poor; Nowadays, I realize that was all petty & it didn’t truly matter too much, but regardless of that fact, I still love being comfortable in my own home. I’m not exactly rich, however I do have a central Heating & A/C plan with a smart thermostat now. The smart thermostat is great because it helps myself and others to save a lot of currency on the energy bills. I also have l earned numerous energy saving tips over the years & save as much currency as possible.