My garage is comfortable now that my friends practice in there with their tunes

I never was legitimately interested in jamming out to tunes until a neighbor of mine convinced me to let him practice with his band in my garage. I was renting a house and I only used the garage for storage space. Occasionally I would go in there to smoke cigarettes, however other than that, I didn’t have much use for it. I decided to let my neighbor and his pals jam away however only if they let me help them out in some way. I was hoping I could play drums or something. They really had me help soundproof the garage with the materials that they got. They said it would be best because I didn’t want to get noise complaints from my neighbors. They also asked if they could install a ductless mini split. I laughed and asked if they were Heating plus Air Conditioning professionals or something to which they said they were not. I was curious about how they thought they were going to install an Heating plus Air Conditioning system, and they said it was so much easier than I thought. I didn’t even have to spend money anything for them to install it, they said it was just a way to thank me for allowing them to practice their tunes. They also said they couldn’t legitimately get into the tunes without having reasonable temperature control settings. The new energy use with the ductless mini split hardly put a dent in my utility bills which was surprising and now it’s so much more comfortable in the garage. I’m blissful I let them use my garage and I really appreciate their tunes.

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