My garage needs ventilation

I know that it is my own fault that my garage smells so bad.

I don’t even need to open the doors in order to smell the garage.

Long ago, my kids and my wife took over my garage. Just like when I was trying to put my workshop in the basement and they took it over for a playroom, they took over the garage. I finally lost my garage to a pet washing station. I think the thing about the garage is that I didn’t see it happening. Since there isn’t any heating or air conditioning in the garage, the air is stale and smelly. The lawn mower, left over gallons of paint, grease and the car exhaust, all hangs in the air in the garage. That doesn’t even include all of the garbage that gets thrown into the garage and forgotten. My car can’t even get into the garage anymore. If it gets to go into the garage once a month, I feel privileged. I was done with all of the mess and I was ready to reclaim my garage. I called the HVAC tech and asked him what I could do to make the garage smell better. When the HVAC tech arrived, I asked him if there was a foolproof HVAC system, or ductwork system I could install that would make the garage smell good again. He told me that since there were no items in the garage that was flammable, I could get away with just an air vent. I was able to go online and purchase a small vent fan, to help pull the odors from the garage.

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