My Grandmother Almost Gave Away Her Smart Thermostat

Last weekend, my grandmother told me that she was going through her house and getting rid of all the clutter.

She wanted to clear her space of the things she no longer needed or used. She told me that if I helped her box everything up and drove it to the thrift store that she’d let me take whatever I wanted for myself. As we were going through her old belongings, I noticed that my grandmother put a brand new smart thermostat in one of the boxes. I picked it up and questioned what she was doing with it. My grandmother said that she received the smart thermostat as a gift over a year ago, but she didn’t want it because she didn’t know the first thing about installing it and she already owned a thermostat. I told her that the smart thermostats were really expensive and there were a lot of benefits to owning one. I also told her that a smart thermostat could be connected to her smartphone so she could change the settings whenever and wherever she was. She was hesitant about controlling the temperature through her phone because she wasn’t tech savvy, but I convinced her to give it a shot. I installed the thermostat and downloaded the corresponding app to her phone so she could control it. After going over everything she could control, my grandmother was excited! I’m so glad I helped her out and was able to install the smart thermostat for her before she gave it away!
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