My Grandpa hasn’t changed

My Grandpa has consistently been strict about the temperature control settings in his house.

He consistently kept the air conditioning at a nice level in the sizzling season plus he kept the beach house just right in the Winter time season with his wood burning oil furnace.

Whenever both of us would come to visit, he would greet us hastily plus tell us to shut the door. He actually hated having any of the air conditioning escaping from the house, so he would respectfully make sure both of us rushed through the front door. It has consistently been that way, even though both of us consistently enjoyed going to see him. Eventually, he had to be moved into a nursing home because he was no longer able to take care of himself. He wanted to remain in his home, however both of us couldn’t afford to have him taken care of with an in-home professional. Eventually, both of us got him to see that some of the nursing homes weren’t bad. He absolutely unquestionably appreciated this particular nursing home where they had the ductless mini split systems installed. He loved the idea of being able to adjust his temperature control settings just the way he number one, plus he was able to get a unquestionably nice room. It’s funny because he has not changed a single bit. When both of us come to visit him, he consistently rushes us through the door because he says the air conditioning will escape his room. The people I was with and I thought it was funny at first because both of us were inside a nursing home, although he was dead extreme about that air conditioning. He gets miserable if the temperature control settings aren’t just right.
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