My great-grandparents passed their home to my grandparents

I never was able to meet my great-grandparents, but I learned that their home was passed down to my grandparents.

I was also fascinated with the place because it has this ancient look to it.

There are some pictures in the home that are kind of spooky, like the eyes on the pictures look like they are always watching you. Also, the basement is kind of spooky too with the wood burning furnace they have down there. That wood burning furnace is so ancient, but it still works great. I learned from my grandfather that it is connected to a ductwork system and that heated air flows to all the HVAC vents in the home. Also, I learned that while my great-grandparents didn’t have air conditioning, my grandfather made sure to have A/C installed. He was always strict when it came to the A/C, he wanted to make sure no doors were ever opened for very long. He would easily yell at everybody if they had the door open for long because he would always shout about the energy bills. This is something I could respect, even my own parents would give us kids a hard time if we let the air conditioning out of the house. It’s funny, my grandfather always joked that eventually I might inherit the house, and then I could worry about feeding wood into the furnace and keeping the A/C inside the house. I guess it would be nice, but I doubt that I will ever own the house. I’m not even sure that I would want to live in the place.

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