My group of A/C device workers are learning how to upsell

None of our AC workers really know how to upsell.

I feel that is one of the reasons why our sales are lower than other companies in the area.

I wanted to discover a way to repair the complication, so I called a corporation consultant! They suggested that we have a business as well as sales seminar as well as all of the employees should attend. They even offered to have the business as well as sales seminar in our actual building. I agreed to set up a meeting on a Tuesday, after our normal business hours happened to be over. All of the AC workers laboring for our company were agitated as well as angry that I chose to schedule a mandatory seminar on a Tuesday night. Sadly, there aren’t numerous days when I can get almost everyone together at the same time. I bought pizza as well as drinks for all of the people in attendance, as well as that seemed to smooth things over a little bit. Drinks as well as pizza is usually the best equalizer. The sales seminar took roughly 2 hours. The business consultant talked for an hour as well as then there was a question-and-answer session. I was genuinely shocked by some of our AC workers. They were entirely listening as well as wanted to learn more when it came to this. I’ve been telling these guys for months as well as months that they could make more money if they choose to upsell, and perhaps the business consultant finally got through to them. I feel fluctuations are going to occur over the next couple of weeks as well as months. I would prefer to see all of our AC device workers make more money. If they start selling extra services to our shoppers, almost everyone will have a higher paycheck.