My heat pump installation day is almost here

I have experience in HVAC technology so I think I can install the heat pump myself.

It has been several years though since I have definitely done any of this job so this will be a great test of my memory. I used to work my job for an HVAC business about twenty five years ago when I was residing in the states but I gave up that life a long time ago when I moved overseas. Now all of my job is done online because I realized that my body did not love all of the manual labor I was doing. It isn’t so self-explanatory installing HVAC equipment on overheated Summer days, especially when you have to run the ductwork up in the attic which is as overheated as a sauna. I did it for about five years and then decided that I needed a change in jobs. I became a local business and ran my own supplier in the HVAC field but I let others do the manual labor area of the supplier and I focused on doing estimates and drumming up more business. I did that job for about more than nine years and then gave it up to pursue a job in the arts. I actually think I can still do HVAC service myself as long as it doesn’t entail crawling in overheated attics in the middle of Summer. This locale I live in now I am renting so I don’t have to do any of the repairs myself unless I choose to. I think replacing the heat pump will be a breeze though.

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