My home is quite amazing

Last summer, my cousin got married, and she insisted on holding the ceremony and reception outdoors.  She found a beautiful meadow with willow trees, wild flowers and large blue lake with a flock of ducks.  While the setting is certainly perfect for photographs, it was not ideal for a wedding. In the middle of July, the outside temperature was up to eighty-six degrees by ten o’clock in the morning.  The humidity was absolutely horrendous. It had rained the night before, so the ground was muddy. There was tons of duck poop, swarms of mosquitoes, and problems with bees. The entire bridal party was saturated with sweat, sunburned and constantly scratching at bug bites.  A flower girl passed out from heat exhaustion and a drunken best man fell into the lake. The entire wedding was a disaster and most people left as soon as possible. I spent a lot of time hiding in my car, blasting the air conditioner and letting the cold air hit me in the face. After spending so much time, effort and money, my cousin’s special day was ruined by a lack of a thermostat.  She could have taken her photos outside and held the ceremony and reception inside a temperature controlled venue. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was hot, humid, cold, rainy or windy. Everyone could have enjoyed perfect comfort, and probably stayed far longer. Along with air conditioning to cool us off, the circulation of air would have kept the venue feeling fresh and smelling better.  Plus, I certainly would have appreciated access to a bathroom. A cooling system would have also resulted in much nicer wedding pictures.

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