My husband got a promotion last month

My husband got a promotion last month and we are going to be moving to the southern part of the country really soon.

We never thought that this was going to actually happen and so we are just a little bit in shock.

He’s been with the same company for years, but I can’t even tell you how many times he has tried to get moved up into another position. It seemed like everyone who was over him in the company was against him moving ahead until now. When he finally got the promotion, we were so excited until we were told that we were going to have to move down south right away. It just so happens that the position that he’s going to be filling will be down in the southern offices and so we are going to have to get used to higher temperatures right away. I’ve heard that the weather is already heating up down there, even though it’s not really summer yet. I told my husband that whenever we start looking for a house to live in down there, we are going to have to be sure that it has a really great high efficiency central air conditioning system installed in it. Where we live now, having a great A/C system isn’t all that important. However, in the climate where we are going, I think having a good air conditioning system is going to be our only means of survival! I read somewhere that you have to have really good A/C or you might actually end up with mold in your house because of the humidity.



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