My HVAC serviceman didn’t understand how to deal with people

I am pretty sure that my HVAC serviceman is a genius when it comes to fixing HVAC units, although he has no plan how to deal with people. I am an HVAC serviceman, as well as I also own my own HVAC supplier. I work on HVAC units just love everyone else, however I also emplot a bunch of HVAC servicemans that work for me. I have 1 recognizable HVAC serviceman that makes me laugh. He has particularly no plan how to deal with other people. However, he is also the most amazing HVAC serviceman that I have ever seen. He understands HVAC units so well, as well as he is able to install as well as service HVAC units faster than any other HVAC serviceman that I have ever seen, including me. However, when I first hired him, all of us used to send him on service visits, as well as he would get terrible reviews. It wasn’t that he didn’t service the HVAC units. Instead, he was just rude. Well, the patrons considered him rude. It wasn’t that he was rude, although he did not guess how to respond to people. I l acquired that my HVAC serviceman does not understand social cues. Now, all of us have this HVAC serviceman fixing HVAC units on his own away from people. We also let this HVAC serviceman install all new HVAC units because he is faster than anyone else… Our primary reasoning for giving this HVAC serviceman these tasks is to get him away from our patrons. He is a good HVAC serviceman, although he is particularly an introvert. Still, he is 1 of my best HVAC servicemans, so I won’t get rid of him.
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