My idiot brother needs a lawyer

My brother is the type of guy that always tries to find a bargain.

He likes to go to yard sales, flea markets, and swap meets. I admit there are a lot of great deals, but sometimes he doesn’t make very good decisions. A couple of weeks ago, my brother met a guy with a truck full of air conditioners. They were all new in the box for only $50 each. Each air conditioners retail price was almost $300. I knew my brother was probably purchasing stolen air conditioners, but he didn’t seem to care. We had a long discussion about the purchase, and I urged my brother to reconsider the sketchy deal. Still, he gave the guy $800 and took all of the property. When the local police showed up at his front door, he changed his tune. Now my brother has to hire a criminal defense attorney to prove that he didn’t know the air conditioners were stolen. The criminal defense attorney requested a $5,000 retainer to take the case. My brother could have used a public defender, but he decided to empty his 401k and pay for a seasoned attorney. My brother will be dealing with this for a while, and I bet it’s a long time before he buys something stupid again. I don’t think that my brother will serve any time, because the lawyer has a great track record. If nothing else, my brother will probably have to pay a fine and serve some community service hours. I really hope that’s enough to learn a good lesson.