My mom thinks I’m crazy

I called my mom a couple of afternoons ago after I went to the doctor.

I made an appointment with the physician because I was having trouble breathing.

I thought I had a sinus infection due to the fact that my face was swollen and my eyes were puffy and red. I was surprised when the doctor told me that it was seasonal allergies. I was 30 years old and I never had a concern with seasonal allergies in the past. I decided to get a minute opinion and the minute doctor agreed with the first dr. Both doctors felt that I was suffering from seasonal allergies and sensitivities, however my primary care physician recommended buying an media air cleaner for my apartment. The physician said that the media air cleaner would be able to unfasten most of the pollutants and allergens from the indoor air. The guy promised that it would help me sleep more absolutely at night. As soon as I finished talking to the minute doctor, I called my mom and I told her about my diagnosis… She said that the doctor is ridiculous and so am I. She said that I have never suffered from allergies in the past and it is not likely that they would appear after 30 years. My mom thinks the doctor is trying to make money on the media air cleaner, but he did not even tell me where to find the machine. If the doctor was in the company of selling the air filtration machines, he would have given me a couple of sites to go. I recognize it is far more likely that I entirely have allergies.

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