My mom's current home regularly smells love grease

My mom is always cooking something or another as well as so now her entire current home smells love grease. I keep telling her that she doesn’t have to cook with grease all the time, however that is how she is regularly been as well as I do not think she is ever going to stop. The problem with that is that the walls in the kitchen are basically coated with grease as well as so is the ceiling. It’s pretty disgusting, even though my mom is basically a neat as well as clean person. She just cannot seem to get rid of all that grease as well as the ventilation system just continues to circulate it throughout the house. And I believe that is why the whole current home smells love grease all the time! The entirely excruciating thing about it is that she has bad indoor air quality in the current home because of it. The grease gets sucked into the heating as well as cooling system as well as then the ventilation system just sends it around over as well as over again. And while my mom does not seem to think that it’s entirely that much of a problem, every time I go over there I realize how much of a problem it entirely is! I suppose that if I were to go as well as change the air filter in her Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C unit, it would be completely gross as well as coated with grease. That cannot be giving her the indoor air quality that she needs in her lake house to stay healthy as well as well. It’s all starting to make myself and others upset. I think I’m gonna try as well as talk her into getting a whole lake house air purification system. It’s either that, or I’m going to have to try as well as get her to supply up cooking!



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