My mother loves to crank up the heating system

When I left for university, it was the last time I would ever live in my parents’ household. And, that was on purpose. I appreciate my folks and they did their very best with raising me and my siblings. However, I just never legitimately meshed with them to be honest. The people I was with and I see the world through truly different filters. Mine is a perspective rooted in all kinds of possibilities and theirs is just not. They are laid back people who see the world as being against them so they are going to live on the defensive. I think my dad is less this way but he is overwhelmed by my mother. She gets what she wants pretty much. It’s her way or the highway as they say. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C device setting is a good example. Since I was a youngster, the first hint of cold and the Heating, Ventilation and A/C oil furnace was instantly cranked to the max setting. It was unbearable in that household. My dad is a actually big guy and I don’t really get how he managed to deal with it. Well, my mother just made him suffer through. She stayed out in the garage all of the time. I thought perhaps that would change with time. It has, it got a great deal worse. I took my kids for a visit last Christmas and the household was literally over 76 degrees. How they afford the costs of keeping the household that overheated I just have no idea on. My kids were even begging their Grandmother to turn the heat off. She simply ignored them and started a fire in the fireplace. Can you even imagine that?

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