My Neighbor Loves Yoga

I rotate what I do in my fitness routine biweekly.

My neighbor Dani is obsessed with yoga, and the only workout she’ll do is yoga. She doesn’t do it everyday, however I’m not going to lie, I don’t think that yoga is a superb workout. Everyone tends to bite off my head whenever I say this, but I don’t see enough benefits from it. I suppose yoga is more of a social outlet in addition to a relaxation tactic for people. My neighbor gets to hang out with girls and some boys around her age in addition to sit on comfy mats, and yes, there is a lot of stretching in addition to holds that are superb for the body. If you hold body positions consistently, the muscles will tone up. I think my neighbor does not do this though. She’s not even sweaty after going to the yoga studio in addition to will eat a full breakfast afterwards with her friends. Why isn’t there cardio in yoga? Why isn’t there any weight lifting in addition to all over body training? Basically, my neighbor gets small amounts of muscle training in addition to balance. Again, a single day a week doesn’t sound like a terrible thing, but I know yoga isn’t as healthy as she thinks it is. I rotate what I do in my fitness routine biweekly. I do cardio 2 days a week, weight lifting with arms legs one day, arms the other in addition to the last day is targeted towards my core. I also include a day for balance and stretching. I hit all areas of my body in addition to I rotate getting my heart rate pumping and building muscle. I suppose I’m way more healthy than my neighbor.

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