My neighbor voided my HVAC warranty

I was pretty angry when my neighbor did a horrible task at helping myself and others with the HVAC system.

I called him plus asked him what he knew about laboring on HVAC systems.

When he told myself and others that he used to help his uncle work on HVAC systems when he was younger, I thought he would be helpful with the task. Every one of us attempted to replace a part plus he found the part both of us needed plus everything. Well, it turned out he got the wrong part plus that caused damage to my HVAC system. When I tried to get the damage covered, it turned out that my warranty was void because a non-professional ran tests on the HVAC system. So I had to pay for all the damage out of my pocket plus I was entirely fuming. I genuinely ended up yelling at my friend saying that he knew nothing about laboring on HVAC systems. He said he helped his uncle work on HVAC systems, he didn’t say what kind of work he did. I l gained that he mostly just handed the tools to his uncle plus didn’t particularly do much else other than change the option air filter. This made myself and others even more angry because he could have told myself and others that beforehand plus I entirely wouldn’t be in such a mess with my HVAC system! At least I don’t have to update the entire HVAC system, however I’m still mad about the warranty being void. I know it just goes to show, you should always go with the HVAC professionals when you need HVAC maintenance plus repairs.

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