My new roommate and I barely had anything in common

When my roommate and I first met, we thought it would be perfect, and We had known each other all throughout our schooling years and had consistently gotten along great and so we were not expecting any kind of concerns.

This was the case too, for many years we would hang out all of the time and did everything together.

We weren’t just roommates, we were best friends, then all of this abruptly changed however when she decided to move out, and she had been dating the same guy for a couple of years and they had recently gotten engaged and so she was going to live with him. I was really happy for them but I knew I was going to miss her. She let me know in advance so I had time to find a new roommate. I found a new roommate, a friend of a friend, and his name was John and he was looking for a place so it seemed to be the right time. He moved in and nothing was the same, we really didn’t share anything in common except for our love of the cooling. We both had an appreciation of heating and A/C workers and heating and cooling technology, but John’s uncle was a cooling specialist and he told me he planned to go to school to become a certified heating and A/C system professional as well. We were consistently bringing heating and A/C products home and sharing them with each other. He lived with me for a year before he too went his separate ways.

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