My old dog misses the radiators

I have been in the same condo for the past 15 years.

  • When I moved into the building, it was outdated, rusty, and decrepit, but some of the apartments on the first floor were closed down because of roof damage from a storm.

The owner of the property claimed to be making some swings soon, but I didn’t see any signs of construction when I moved into the building, but after various years, I decided to accept the limitations in my apartment! One issue was the radiators. The radiators delivered damp heat to my apartment. There was a radiator in the home office and another in the home office. There was another radiator furnace in the bathroom. The radiator furnaces provided lots of hot air, but they were all 3 terribly unpredictable. Sometimes they worked and occasionally they got stuck in 1 position and the temperatures were difficult to control, however my dog Patsy enjoyed sitting on the window sill above the radiator and she was entirely upset when the landlord sold the arena. The up-to-date owners made some swings and 1 of the greatest was getting rid of the radiators. I live in building number forty and my house was 1 of the first arenas to acquire the updates after the building was obtained. Patsy misses sitting above the heater, but I prefer the up-to-date swings… Each house has a very nice new ductless mini-split Heating and A/C unit to control the heating and cooling. The utility bills are significantly cheaper. I care about the up-to-date swings but my rent is going to increase next time I sign a lease.

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