My pal Johnny offers free legal advice

When both of us were students at a small liberal arts school, my pal Johnny as well as I took a number of philosophy classes together during our time there.

He was a pre-law student while I was studying European Literature. Although several of his people in the law program were focused on making as much currency as possible, he had the wish to make drastic positive swings in the world with the power afforded to him with a legal license as well as law degree. I’m easily excited to see that he hasn’t changed his focus as well as his value despite the several occasions for him to do that. He does a huge amount of pro bono tasks for our state’s Bar Association as well as he focuses on helping all the low income people he possibly can. But he’s also kind as well as gracious with his legal advice towards his pals as well as family. He will offer a basic attorney consultation for no cost to a limit, assuming it doesn’t take longer than 20 minutes as well as doesn’t involve physical tasks being accomplished on his part. However, if the intended legal advice goes beyond that, he isn’t even shy about demanding a payment agreement regarding his services as a professional lawyer. He has had pals who try to take total advantage of his goodwill as well as he has since put an end to that completely. It’s just really nice having a close pal who isn’t just a nice lawyer, but a compassionate one. I believe that he would go to bat for me in an instant if I ever needed his help, as well as he knows that I regularly have his back as well.


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