My pals were unhappy that I missed the superbowl

My friends and I watch the Super Bowl every year, it is a big tradition that the two of us have done for the past decade.

Unfortunately, I had to miss the Super Bowl this year.

It’s the middle of April and our friends are still aggravated about the events, then on the day of the Super Bowl, I was laying at house getting ready for the big game. I was about to head out to the store to buy a few cases of beer, when the iphone rang. It was our boss. I could have let the iphone go to voicSMS, because I knew it was our boss before I answered. I didn’t expect him to ask myself and others to work, because I had been talking about the big game for a week, and he was out of neighborhood with his wifey and 1 of our greatest commercial purchasers needed help. He called our employer, but he didn’t get anyone on the iphone. The weekend Heating and A/C specialist did not have the knowledge or experience to deal with the commercial Heating and A/C problem! Not only that, but this was our greatest commercial client and 1 of our greatest accounts. I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t want to say no. I agreed to meet the official Heating and A/C specialist at the commercial site. The people I was with and I walked into a substantial mess. One of the boilers needed major welding repairs. That was just the tip of the iceberg. I could not leave the guy there on his own and it took all day to repair the problem. I didn’t make it to the party until halfway through the fourth quarter and our friends will never let myself and others forget it.

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