My parents’ A/C unit lasted for a long time

My childhood home was a basic bungalow… It had several small bedrooms & one big master bedroom, which was the only air-conditioned room in the entire house. I had my own room, but I only had a fan in there. When our parents told us they were going to turn the air conditioning on, we would all carry our books and school work into the master bedroom; My siblings and I would do all of our homework in there until they decided to turn the cooling system back off. Whenever the summer time came, my siblings & I slept with our parents in the master bedroom because it was always nice and comfortable in there. It was nice getting to stay in a cooled room while watching cable or learning notes for an exam. It was good that we had a nice A/C. However, each time any one of us turned off the TV, we would notice this loud humming sound coming from the cooling system. Usually the humming got louder & louder, which told us that we really needed to get it cleaned. But because both of us only had a window-type a/c unit, the a/c maintenance professionals always had to detach it from the wall each time they cleaned it for us. Professional a/c cleaners would then have to reinstall the component after they dried it completel. Back when we were youngsters, we would all be happy to turn the a/c back on after it was cleaned professionally. When we did, the loud humming toned down significantly every time. To prevent the a/c component from giving off overheated air & causing that loud humming sound, my parents had it cleaned regularly. Because of regular professional cleaning, that little A/C in the master bedroom lasted until the day I was old enough to leave home!

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