My parent’s fireplace is used only for decorative purposes

As a child, I watched countless movies showing different people sitting cozily underneath a blanket by a wood burning fireplace.

  • I have always fantasized about doing that when I became an adult.

In my head, I believed sitting by a fireplace watching the flames burn was a normal activity for people who owned homes with built-in fireplaces. Back then, I didn’t believe in the story of Santa Claus coming down the chimney, so I viewed a fireplace for what it was intended for, to build a fire that would help to keep the house warm during the cold months of the year. Well, I was ecstatic when my parent’s purchased a house with a fireplace inside. My childhood memories flashed before my eyes, and I envisioned sitting by their fireplace with a cup of warm chocolate and a big fuzzy blanket. Unfortunately, it has been over 20 years and I am yet to live out my fantasy because my parent’s fireplace is nothing more than an additional space for my mom to add extra decorations. The mantle, as well as the space on the bottom of the fireplace, is filled with pictures, candles, and little decorative trinkets. For Christmas, the fireplace becomes the focal point of the living room because we use it to hang those elegant white Christmas lights. I can’t complain because I do enjoy seeing the fireplace surrounded by those white lights, and though I do not sit in front of it with a blanket or a cup of chocolate, I experience feelings of nostalgia while staring at the lights, having a cocktail, and listening to sentimental Christmas songs.
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