My parents mess up when building a up-to-date condo

One thing no one ever seems to believe about when building a up-to-date condo is the lay out of the central heating and cooling system, and or, if you are not going to have central heating and cooling, a lot of people just don’t even believe about any kind of indoor comfort, but this was almost the case when our parents were having their retirement condo built, then it was a fine thing I was there when they were talking to the corporation that was setting up the construction and lay out! When they thought they were done they wanted to show myself and others the redprints, however when I looked at them I asked them where was the air duct for some kind of heating and cooling system? They both looked at myself and others and were shocked! They had forgot about the central heating and a/c plan they were going to have installed! Without the air duct being laid they would not have been able to have any kind of central heating and a/c put in the up-to-date house! Not to mention it would have costed them a small fortune just to have air duct laid after the building of the house.

That would make it a much larger job that the local heating and a/c corporation would have to do.

With the construction corporation doing it, the air duct for the central heating and a/c plan would be included in the overall price of the home being built… My parents thanked myself and others so much for seeing their mistake and took myself and others out to an fancy supper.

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