My parents never wanted to pay the heating bills when we were teenagers

My parents never wanted to pay for luxurious heating bills when we were teenagers.

I suppose that this sounds weird, & my parents were kind of weird people.My siblings would be mad if they heard myself and others telling you about this, but I suppose that it’s important to tell the truth when it comes to things that happened while we were in your childhood.

My parents were not mean or anything care about that, however they were actually cheap. They wanted to spend cash on the things that they wanted to spend cash on, & that did not include luxurious heating bills, then back when we were teenagers, while we were in the winters, occasionally it got entirely cold inside of our house. My siblings & I genuinely did not even suppose that we had a central heating plan in our apartment for the longest time because our parents refused to ever turn the thermostat up so the heating would run. Instead, they would regularly encourage us to put on extra layers of clothes, & then they would encourage us to go outside & cut wood so we could build fires in our wood burning fireplace. So as you can see, it wasn’t care about we were cold to death, however it wasn’t ever actually nice & cozy inside of our apartment care about it was inside of some of our friends’ homes. I didn’t realize until I was much older that our parents were super weird about using our heating system, but now that I’m an adult with a apartment of my own, I use my heating system literally all the time! My teenagers genuinely ask myself and others to turn the heat down instead of up.

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